After Thirty Years He Still Grieves

After Thirty Years he Still Grieves:

   15 x 24 canvas gallery wrap, 1 1/2 inches thick  - $330

   15 x 24 mounted print, glossy                             - $225

   12 x 19 infused aluminum                                   - $230

Awards for this Print:

  Professional Photographers of America, International Print Compeition

  Merit and Loan Collection Award - Master Artist Category, 2016

  Corrales Main Street Organization Fine Arts Show, October 2016

  People's Choice Award

The Story:

This  image played a large role  in my  receiving the Master Artist degree from PPA in early 2017.  It's a composite of perhaps forty photographs, including individual photos of each cross.     The model is Bill Dimmitt; the primary, front section of the piece was photographed on Bill's property in Las Lunas, New Mexcio.   The title, I must confess, was adapted from "Mr Bo Jangles", written by Jerry Jeff Walker.          Referring to Bo Jangles' dog, the songs says "After Twenty Years he Still Grieves".        I was  always very taken by that line, and it was the inspiration for this composite photograph.    So as not to copy the phrase exactly, I changed it to "thiry years" for this piece.