Prancing in the Morning Sun

Prancing in the Morning Sun:

    8 x 8 Framed Print on Watercolor Paper        $150

Awards for this print:

   Professional Photographers of America Western Region -         Seal of Approval - 2015

   Professional Photographers of America Southeastern Region - Seal of Approval - 2015

The Story:

Bosque del Apache, the morning of January 18, 2015 at 7:51 a.m.           The light from the sunrise (behind me) could not have been more spectacular.      The real credit for this shot goes to one of my best friends ever - Sandy Corless, the real Sandhill Crane photographer.   Sandy was leading a group of us to the best spots at the wildlife refuge.

I sell this only in an intimate, 8x8 size in a special frame that enhances the mood.