Teaching Qualifications

PPA Master Artist

PPA Master Photographer

PPA Photographic Craftsman

Certified Professional Photographer

Adobe Certified Expert - Photoshop and Lightroom

I travel to Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma (in addition to New Mexico) to give workshops and presentations on the subjects of Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, Creativity in Photography, and the Art of Photography.   Most of these are in conjunction with my involvement with the Professional Photographers of America, as well as the Corrales Arts Center.    I love giving presentations and conducting workshops, but since my greatest love is doing photography I try to limit the number of workshops that I give each year.

Workshops and Presentations:

Next up:   May 14 and May 19, 2018

My Favorite Creative Photoshop Techniques


A Full Day Hands on Workshop - May 14 in Buena Vista Colorado and May 19 in Corrales, NM.   Sponsored by the Professional Photographers of America.


To register go to www.ppa.com and select "Events"

These two workshops are limited to 8 participants each, to allow for intense interaction between participant and instructor.   The focus is "thinking creatively with Photoshop's tools", with numerous examples and exercises that will include the pen tool, extensive use of the free transform tools (especially the "warp" option), the "blend if" sliders, the de-haze filter, etc.   We will bend, stretch, twist and warp your imagination and your photos' pixels.    We will explore creative ways to save photos taken in poor light (for example mid day lighting), and various approachs for changing out the skies in landscape photos.   We'll fix white edges (halos) that often appear in your Photoshop work.   We will go over the numerous approaches and techniquest that I use in my Photoshop composites.  The overall goal of this workshop is to free the participants up to think more creatively, and to implement that creativity with the tools of Photoshop.

Periodically Throughout 2018:

Creativity in Photography

A product of my ongoing, six year study of creativity, this 3 hour presentation brings together the scientific findings about creativity and how they can be applied to photography and Photoshop.   You will hear about the experts' tips for freeing up your inhibitions and about increasing your confidence in your creativity, as well as learning about the seven "mind states" of creativity and how to best take advantage of them.   Most importantly, the presentation covers numerous specific examples of expanded creativity in photography and in Photoshop.   As for the latter (Photoshop) the focus is on creative uses and approaches for the Photoshop tools that most are already using.

This presentation was sold out three times in Albuquerque in 2017 and has been given to Professional Photographers of America chapters in Phoenix, Denver, Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga, as well as the Southwest PPA Convention in Oklahoma City.