Teaching Qualifications

These days, almost everyone calls himself a Photoshop Expert or a Lightroom Expert.  Very few are actually certified by Adobe.   Adobe has a stringent certification system that is intended to give appropriate credentials to people who have demonstrated a thorough mastery of the programs, so when you see a person using the term “Adobe Certified Expert” you can be comfortable that they are, in fact, true experts in Adobe software.   At present, I am the only person in New Mexico certified by Adobe in both Photoshop and Lightroom.

In addition, I am a PPA Photographic Craftsman.   The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has 27,000 members in 54 countries.  It awards the designation of PPA Photographic Craftsman to PPA members who have demonstrated proficiency in teaching and instruction.    It generally takes several years to satisfy the requirements to become a PPA Photographic Craftsman.

I am the only PPA member in the nation who is a Master Photographer and a Photographic Craftsman as well as an Adobe Certified Expert in both Photoshop and Lightroom.  

The Workshops:

Lightroom - Putting it all Together

Becoming comfortable with Lightroom can be life changing (in a very good way!) for a photographer.    Still, I am saddened to find so many photographers who have tried Lightroom a little, and have even attended a Lightroom class, and yet they still don’t feel comfortable enough with Lightroom to completely “take the plunge” and make it the “command central” of their photographic workflow.  

Accordingly, this eight hour workshop is intended to drill in the basics of Lightroom, with less emphasis on some of the hidden, special tricks that Lightroom offers.  The goal of the class is to make absolutely certain that you understand the “guts” of Lightroom well enough to make it your primary photographic program.   f you have used Lightroom some, and yet don’t feel comfortable turning your life over to it then this is the workshop for you.

This workshop is taught periodically at the Watermelon Gallery in connection with New Mexico Workshops.  

Photoshop Creativity Master Class

I believe that the way Photoshop is traditionally taught hampers creativity.   If you are ready to get out of a creativity “rut”, this is the class for you.    This two hour, fast paced presentation is designed to help set your mind free from the traditional approaches for using Photoshop.   The only prerequisite in terms of experience is that you benefit from a comfortable working knowledge of layers and layer masks because most of the new techniques you will learn in the class build outward from those functions.

This class will be taught at the Watermelon Gallery in connection with New Mexico Workshops.