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PPA Photographic Craftsman

Certified Professional Photographer

I travel to Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma (in addition to New Mexico) to give workshops and presentations on the subjects of Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, Creativity in Photography, and the Art of Photography.   Most of these are in conjunction with my involvement with the Professional Photographers of America, as well as the Corrales Arts Center.    I love giving presentations and conducting workshops, but since my greatest love is doing photography I try to limit the number of workshops that I give each year.

Workshops and Presentations:

Next up:   April 7, 2018  at the Corrales Arts Center

The Pursuit of Artistic Excellence in Photography

1.     Throughout the presentation, an analysis of compelling, artistic photographs

2.     A brief history of photography as an art form, including the special challenges

         photographers face that other artists do not encounter.  

3.     Art versus craft.

4.     Wall art  (“decorative art”) versus fine art.   Which category do you fall into?

5.     Being “true to yourself”.    Are you influenced by what the market dictates?

6.      Creativity – the latest tips to get you there.  

7.      If it's creative does that make it art?  

8.      To “copy” versus “to be influenced by”

9.      A discussion of what many people feel makes photography “art” vs. “not art”.

10.   Telling a story – does photographic art have to do that?

11.   Managing the element of mystery - If your image tells a story, what do you say if

         someone asks you to describe it?

12.   The critical importance of spending time on location to become acclimated – to

         become part of the environment before thinking about photography.

13.   Your investment in equipment – it can improve your craft but does it improve the art?

14.   How far does the “craft” have to go – some examples from my favorite artists

15.   Breaking the rules:  To break them, you must first know them so well that they

         become second nature.

16.   Photoshop approaches that enhance expression and artistry

17.  Where to go and what to do for creative inspiration

18.  The importance of the “rough out” or “sketch”.

19.  “One hit wonders”.  Does one good photo make you an artist?

20.  Projects (a body of work) versus individual non-cohesive images.  How Many?  

21.  Print competitions – the agony and the ecstasy.  Rules, rules, rules.  

        Do you ever get to graduate?

22.  Workshops versus YouTube versus reading – why is a mix the best way to go?

23.  My suggested reading list for photographic artistry.

24.  Visiting museums and art galleries as opposed to photography galleries

25.  Revisiting - and updating – your old work.   Musicians call it “remixing”.       

26.  Selling art in today's market – Galleries, Art Shows, On Line, or a combination.

27.  Infused aluminum – a curse or a blessing?

28.  Gallery wraps – what are the art galleries saying?

29.  To frame or not to frame.  

30.  For framed photographs – is glass dead?

31.  Limited editions.   When, and how many.

32.  The costly “elephant in the room” that many artists don't understand - inventory

33.  Is your goal as an artist to make the most money, or to get the most recognition?  

         Or is it simply to be recognized as one of the best photographic artists?

34.   Pricing.   It is so easy to be the cheapest photographer in town.

         But why would you want to be?  What if you were the most expensive?

35.   Artists as business people – they aren't the worst business managers, but almost.

36.   Two different approaches for your artwork:

         A.  Editing a photo with the goal of reaching your level of perception and emotion

         B.   Starting with a blank computer screen and constructing your vision from scratch

37.   Composites – Seeking out the elements vs. working with what you already have

38.   Focusing on “ideas and concepts” as opposed to “objects”.

39.   Why revisiting your work first thing in the morning is crucial

40.   The joy of “throwing away your unwanted work”.    Free yourself from the past


A Three Hour Presentation - A followup class for the March 17 session which sold out


To register go to www.corralesartscenter.org

This is an in-depth presentation about photography as an art form, focusing on the distinguishing characteristics of art photography.    We will be looking at numerous examples of many of my favorite art photographers, from New Mexico to New Jersey to California.  

It is a subject that has kept my interest for much of my photographic career.  This continuing interest, coupled with my associations with many of the best art photographers in the U.S. (from PPA Master Artists to other accomplished, renowned photographic artists who strongly disagree with the elements and restrictions of the PPA), has led me to assemble about forty talking points on the subject.    We will review the art photography examples in the context of many of these point.

The presentation is intended for both photographers and those non-photographers who might find the topic interesting.   As for the photographers, there is no minimum experience level.    Some examples of Photoshop will be presented, but I am comfortable that even non-users will find these examples interesting.

The forty items listed below are some of the talking points for our discussion: