First Snow

The Story:

When people ask me the story about this, I sum it up by saying "I froze my ass off".    I could see the scene shaping up from my porch in Corrales and knew I had to move quickly to get up to the optimum spot for the photography, so I didn't bother to grab a coat.       Time was of the essence, since things change so quickly.  And I thought I'd only be up there for a few minutes. The scene, however, kept changing, getting better and better.  I stayed out there for almost an hour without a coat.   It was worth it.  It was taken the late afternoon of December 17, 2010.      The first snow for the winter of 2010 was the evening preceding that - December 16.   It can be printed as large as ten feet in width and still remain very sharp.  The prices for canvas gallery wraps,  1 1/2 “ thick are:

                                                                           4 feet - 440

                                                                           5 feet - 625

                                                                           6 feet - 795