Dennis Chamberlain

PPA Master Artist

PPA Master Photographer

Certified Professional Photographer

PPA Photographic Craftsman

ASP Educational Associate

PPA Imaging Excellence Medal - 2022

PPA Councilor for New Mexico - 2009 - 2019

PPA of New Mexico Photographer of the year - 2019

PPA of New Mexico President 2018 - 2019

Corrales Bosque Gallery President 2018 - 2020

Corrales Arts Center President 2021 to present

American Society of Photog. State Elite Winner - 2019

PPA Elite Member for  2021, 2019, 2017

PPA Platinum Medalist for 2021 and 2018

PPA Diamond Medalist for 2016

PPA Silver Medalist for 2014, 2013

PPA Bronze Medalist for 2012

PPA of New Mexico Print Fellow

Member - American Society of Photographers (ASP)

I am very  active in  The Professional Photographers  of  America  (PPA)  which, after 140 years, is  one  of the longest running professional organizations in history.  PPA has 30,000 members in 54 countries.

My work can be seen at Weems Galleries in Albuquerque, and at the Range in Bernalillo.        These locations sell mostly canvas gallery wraps and infused aluminum prints.   Weems is an Albuquerque landmark, and it is voted Albuquerque Journal's favorite art gallery practically every year.     In Madrid N.M. my work can be seen at the Belle of the West Gallery up on the boardwalk.   Be sure to say hello to Susan, the owner.


Dennis Chamberlain

177 Tierra Encantada

Corrales, NM 87048


Artist's Statement

I was always a story teller, from my earliest memories.   In college, working the night shift at the Eastman Kodak processing lab in Dallas, my imaginary stories and the harshness of reality collided.   There at the lab I was introduced to an uncensored, behind the scenes, often private and sometimes secret view of life.  Seeing the range of beauty and harshness, of sadness and euphoria, had a profound effect on me.  Experiencing such extreme contrasts gave me more appreciation of the beauty in life.  

In my later years when I became a photographer and moved to New Mexico, it was no surprise that the beauty of the terrain made my heart soar.  My artistic goal became clear: to convey the thrill and to capture what is in my heart when witnessing the wonderful landscapes and other scenes of our state and the rest of the Southwest. The spectacular landscapes awe and inspire me, sending me down an endless path to try to share my passions through my photography.

To try to communicate what I feel - rather than simply what my camera sees - requires all of the various tools available today, and I use them without apology or restraint.  I want to reproduce the drama and vibrancy that emerges when I am on the shooting location.  As an example, to be alone in Monument Valley very early in the morning, to feel these breathtaking formations in the darkness and then experience them as they gradually appear and are set on fire as the sun rises – that is what I live for.  My desire is to cause you to feel the way I do during times like these.