Stars and Stripes Forever

   16 x 24 canvas gallery wrap                          - $330

   16 x 24 mounted print, glossy                        - $225

   16 x 24 mounted print, metallic                      - $230

   12 x 18 infused aluminum                              - $230

This photograph was taken at the 2015 Annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, on the far west side of the field.  It is this part of the field that has a long row of American flags.        When I noticed  a patriotic balloon  off in the  distance,  the idea  ocurred  to me  to  put  together a scene like you see above,  which I accomplished by  taking a few other photos of the "flag" balloons, and assembling them into this composite.    

Awards for this Print:

    Professional Photographers of America International Photographic Competition 2016

    PPA Loan Collection Award - Master Artist Category