Ordering Info

Just click the "Purchase" button on the page of the image you want.  You will normally see choices for sizes and for your preference of "infused aluminum" or "canvas wraps". I usually indicate which is best for the photograph in question.

Infused Aluminum prints are bright, colorful, extra sharp, and durable.   I have one on the outside of my house and it gets direct sunlight half the year.   After five years in direct sunlight it still looks like new.  They are normally hung without a frame (they have a hanger on the back).

Canvas wraps give more of a painterly look.   Some of my photos look best, in my opinion, on canvas.   I indicate this in the information on the page for the photo.  Canvas wraps are hung without a frame.

If there is a size you'd like that is not shown, just call or email me and we can figure things out over the phone.   Infused aluminum prints can be done as large as 5 feet, and canvas wraps much larger.

We pay shipping and sales tax for any orders within the continental United States.

There are a few images that look best printed on canvas and framed in a custom frame, and I typically do not ship those.  

Dennis Chamberlain