Gateway to the Secret Garden

Gateway to the Secret Garden:

    8  x 12 fine art paper, framed                        - $150

   16 x 24 canvas gallery wrap                          - $300

   16 x 24 mounted print, glossy                        - $225

   12 x 18 infused aluminum                              - $230

Awards for this Print:

    Professional Photographers of America International Photographic Competition

    Merit Award - Master Artist Category, 2015

The Story:

Everyone should have a place to go to -- to really get away.     This is my imaginary place - through the blue gate.   This composite photograph is a combination of my favorite places.  the structure, the street light and the mossy sidewalk are from New Orleans, the gate from Canyon Road in Santa Fe,  the wall is from Dallas,  and  the  background is from Corrales.   This image is also unusual in that it looks best in a small size - especially framed at 8 x 12 inches, due to the ornate elements.