The Story:

I had planned this perspective in advance   from having reviewed my photos from previous trips to Artists Point in Monument Valley.   I just needed to get into the right spot, use a 500 millimeter lense, and as always, arrive before daybreak.         Before sunrise, I was in total darkness, standing near Artists Point in solitude, I could see nothing. I knew, of course, the general scene the morning would bring.  At the first hints of light I could see the silhouettes of the unmistakeable formations.     As the light continued to grow, the magnificence of the scene really overtook me.        An ever so slight breeze touched me, just for second, like a whisper from God.     I was truly blessed to be here for this unforgettable, mellow morning.    For me it was a true awakening that I'll never forget.  Photographed April 26, 2018 at 6:38.a.m.    This image works best on infused aluminum.

Awards for this image:

PPA Loan Collection, 2020


The Steeples of Monument Valley