The Lone Balloon of Autumn

The Lone Balloon of Autumn

16 x 24 canvas gallery wrap, 1 1/2 inches thick -           $330

16 x 24 mounted print, glossy                             -          $235

12 x 18 infused aluminum                                   -          $230  

The Story:

The original photograph   was taken in the  Bosque in Corrales, with the Rio Grande to our right. The leaves were made  to look  more  orange in order to simulate Autumn,  and  the  original balloon   in the  photo was changed out for one of my favorites.   The original sky was clear,  and there weren't  so many balloons in the far distance.To make a long story short, this photo has had a lot of alteration in order to fit my vision of a Lone Balloon in Autumn.